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[Brandazine Originals] Be My Universe

Wandering in unfamiliar space, we met, became each other’s universe and danced all night. Be My Universe is an abstract dream-like love story influenced by futuristic, dance and romantic-kitsch aesthetic concepts.

Above: Han Kim dress, TheOpen Product cropped pants, Filling Pieces boots.

Above: TheOpen Product knit sweater and pants, Acne Studios shoes, Balenciaga bag.

Above: Both dresses by Han Kim.

Above: Han Kim purple long sleeve top and mini dress, Han Kim pink long sleeve top, TheOpen Product mini-skirt.

Be My Universe (220514)

Creative Direction : @lohvee @nayoungal

Photography: @bakya_a_bedla

Art Direction: @nnomatterwhathappens

Makeup : @hakkaeng

Hair: @brogyu

Nail: @nailed_it_rany

Models: @lollipop_lollipp, @omusiyoon

Production: @brandazine

Fashion: @balenciaga @acnestudios @mynameishankim @theopen_product @fillingpieces

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